Thursday, December 2, 2010


Know the Adsense keywords which are better paid. Word list Big Adsense profits have never been exposed, but you can try to understand how to determine the profitability of paying Adsense keywords.

Well, this process should be profitable, keywords, competitionn for Adsense ads. This process is not perfect, but when you analyze and prove yourself, you can see that makes sense. Adsense is.

Step # 1 Make sure you research keywords for your niche that have a high CPC value. To do this, first find your keywords using the Google Adwords keyword tool or another that will give you niche specific lists of keywords. Record keywords into a spreadsheet to a csv file. Copy and paste these keywords into Google's Traffic Estimator (you will need an AdWords account). Traffic Estimator will give you the estimated clicks per day and average cost per click (CPC) for each keyword. Copy and paste this information to your worksheet for later use. We have come across many good keywords. As of now you may use 4 of them which we will give here...
"Paid url submissions", "how to create backlinks", "improve pagerank", "how to check pagerank".

Step 2 multiplied by the average CPC by 30% for the estimated total revenue per click. Higher average CPC, the more likely the CPC second to eighth positions are high. Want a higher average CPC to start because if the CPC starts to drop off significantly after the third position, you will be able to get a high click earnings Adsense publisher refused.

Step # 3, always use one of many tools available online to help evaluate the first - 8 position CPC values. These tools will estimate the CPCs for each position and allows you to see how much the CPCs drop after the first position. This helps greatly your analysis to choose the keywords are most profitable. If the CPC values stay close to each other and the value of the first position, so you'll most likely be a profitable keyword.

Step number 4 now that AdSense ads in positions. To do this, search Google for your keywords and you want to see Adsense ads generated search results and in what order they are. Another way to assess this is to use the AdWords Accelerator. It 'a feature that AdWords ads are dynamically displayed for a particular keyword tool to verify the input. If an AdWords advertiser has used "The Google Content Network" in its advertising, ads are showing Adsense ads someone is on their website.

Step 5 Compare the ads you found in step 4 the results of the use of keyword performance tracking tool (available online). If advertisers find so doing, much like those found in step 4, you will more than likely that a profitable keyword.

If advertisers are not even there, while the advertiser is possibly not using the "Adwords for Content" mode of advertising in his campaigns. This means that the keyword may not be the basis for Adsense ads and may not be profitable.

Step # 6 Now you need to get traffic. If you decide to get traffic using the Adwords approach, then just use keywords in your Adsense ads that scored and the above assessment. Then use a lower cost per click keywords in your AdWords ads. The difference between revenues from the clicks you receive on your Adsense word from the cost of the clicks you pay on your Adwords word will be your profit.

If you plan to use optimization techniques search engine to get traffic to the website where your ads, make sure the keywords you have chosen is the highest KEI possible. Kei is the ratio between the number of searches for a keyword, many competing sites with keywords. The combination of a high KEI and a high score in the evaluation produces the best results for profit.

Well, now I just want to say you can get an idea of which keywords are the keywords to choose to increase the Adsense earning potential.